By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Garmin has moved to put navigation at truck drivers’ fingertips by today announcing the release of a portable navigation device designed specifically to suit their needs.

The nüvi 465T is designed to support multiple truck profiles and truck-related road restrictions such as height, width, length, weight and hazardous materials.

According to Garmin, users can enter the truck’s dimensions and load restrictions and the nüvi 465T will adjust routes based on the specific truck profile and map data.

“We’re confident that the nüvi 465T will change the way truck drivers navigate on the road,” said Garmin Australasia sales and marketing manager Matt DeMoss.

“Whether it’s helping to avoid a truck restricted route or avoiding traffic, this nüvi will reduce the stress on truck drivers, helping them to reach their destination effortlessly.”

Garmin has also announced that it has selected Navteq to power the new device.

Navteq business development manager, Brent Stafford, believes that the nüvi 465T will fill a much needed space in the country’s portable navigation system market.

“Our research highlights a significant market need for map-based information that can help Australia’s truckers safely, and more efficiently, operate their vehicles,” he said.

“Together with Garmin, Navteq is delivering to Australia’s professional drivers the GPS functionality they demand.”

Garmin expects the nüvi 465T to be available from June 2010 for RRP $599, and will be on show at the Garmin and Navteq Business Lounge during this week’s 2010 Australian Trucking Convention at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.