By James Wells

SYDNEY: JVC has refused to put a dollar figure to a 60-day national advertising campaign commencing next week to promote its Everio hard disc camcorder brand, but the company has described it as “substantial”.

JVC Everio, which is distributed by Hagemeyer Brands Australia, won the inaugural Electrical Retailing Award earlier this year for the Best Product launched in 2005.

Last week, JVC has commenced promoting a new three-year warranty on Everio hard disc camcorders sold prior to 31 December.

Hagemeyer brand manager, Susan Rogic, could only confirm to that the national advertising campaign using 30 second television commercials, is “substantial” and could not put a dollar figure to the marketing investment for the 60-day campaign which will run until Christmas Day.

Rogic confirmed that there will be a component in the campaign specifically assigned for regional television advertising as well.

“The concept of the new 30 second TVC is based on the bliss that with a hard disk camcorder, you don’t have to put up with annoying interruptions that happen consistently when you have to change media such as DVDs,” Rogic said.

“You don’t need to wait to finalise a disc – and miss what could be a magic moment; you don’t need to make sure you have discs with you – all you need to take is the camcorder; and you don’t need to worry about your footage being easily damaged with bumps or scratches and forget about trying to open up new packaging.

“It becomes clear from the visuals that if it’s not a hard disk camcorder – it’s all too hard, and little wonder why Everio is Everione’s next camcorder.”

JVC Everio now has five camcorders in its range priced from $999 to $1,999 which all feature an SD card slot for additional storage and feature Gravity Sensor Drop Protection technology and the brand’s proprietary floating suspension for additional security.

“With simple USB 2 connection, and included PC and Mac software, JVC’s Everio’s prove to be the most convenient and the best featured camcorders to choose from, whether you’re staying at home with the family or going on a trip this Christmas.” Rogic said.