Samsung’s new Water Wall dishwasher is a step up in price and functionality from models in its existing range, backed by a major innovation in the machine’s mechanics that addresses key consumer pain points.

It is the first dishwasher to use linear movement Water Wall technology that creates a sweeping vertical wall of water, which reaches the corners of the dishwasher. In-store POS displays will feature a Water Wall dishwasher fitted with an LED screen on the door to clearly demonstrate the cleaning action going on inside the machine.

Samsung Water Wall DW60H9970FS
Samsung Water Wall, DW60H9970FS RRP $1,799

“The Water Wall dishwasher represents a world-first development for Samsung in the home appliances category. Through extensive research and development, we have engineered a system that is designed to improve experiences for our customers,” said Mike Lilly, head of home appliances Samsung Electronics Australia. “We’re breaking new ground in a category that we are committed to improving and evolving for Australians.”

“The innovative linear movement Water Wall technology, combined with our sophisticated design, can bring a new perspective to an every-day chore like washing the dishes. The Water Wall system is designed to ensure every area of the dishwasher is covered and cleaned,” Lilly added.

In the dishwasher category customers are firstly looking for cleaning performance, followed by ease of loading and unloading Lilly said.

He recommends retailers qualify customers by asking them how they use their dishwasher, do they rinse? How do they stack? Do they wait for it to be full before running a load?

The Water Wall has a range of versatile options to appeal to different consumer preferences for example: a flexible half wash option allows users  gives users to select the upper, lower or both halves of the dishwasher depending on the load. It also features a high temperature rinse cycle, giving users the option to wash dishes at 65 degrees Celsius, helping to effectively clean those tough or tricky to clean dishes.

For ease in stacking and unpacking, Samsung has introduced the Flextray, a bendable cutlery tray which consumers can lift out from the top rack and unpack cutlery straight into the drawer.

The Flextray features a removable blue cutlery holder to make unpacking easier

Samsung also researched the behaviour of consumers shopping for a dishwasher. The first thing they do is open the door, so Samsung paid special attention to the weight of the door and hinges. Then shoppers slide out the top rack, Samsung have made sure the Water Wall’s telescopic rails are smooth and stable.

There is also a new drying system. The door automatically pops open once the temperature inside the machine drops below 60 degrees, allowing steam and condensation to escape, helping to assist with the drying process. This option can be switched off if need be.

The Water Wall will be available in five SKUs, including built under bench or freestanding models in stainless steel or white.

The Samsung Water Wall 15-place setting dishwasher model is available now from Harvey Norman in two freestanding variant options, white (DW609950FW), and stainless steel (DW60H9970FS), from RRP $1,599 and RRP $1,799 respectively.

Later in 2014, Samsung will release three additional Water Wall model variants. These will be made available in stainless steel and white options and includes freestanding and built under models, which will be available across all retail channels.