Samsung SDS will release the new A30 smart lock with fingerprint authentication and PIN security options, accompanied by a dedicated app and range of built-in safe and privacy features.

This includes Lockout or Protect mode that disables the keypad for three minutes after more than five failed authentication attempts; Away mode which triggers an alarm sound if there is an attempt to open the door from the inside; Privacy mode prevents the door from being unlocked from the outside and Randomiser mode prevents people from guessing the code by an fingerprint marks left on the touchscreen.

With the Samsung Smart Lock app, users can monitor who has entered the house and when, as well as generate one-time PIN codes for visitors or guests.

Its next generation connected technology is coupled with quick installation thanks to voice guided set up and an installation guide video. Once installed and connected, the A30 can integrate with other smart devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabling voice control for added convenience and security.

According to research commissioned by Samsung SDS, three in five (63%) of Australian millennials said they would feel more secure in a smart home and 41% of Australians suggested that they would be more likely to buy a smart home device post-COVID.

Samsung SDS global marketing manager, Daniel Kim said, “The A30 smart lock is the next step in creating a truly connected smart home. We know that people are looking for tech solutions that offer real value, solve real problems and make everyday life easier.”

The Samsung SDS A30 smart lock will be available at Bunnings stores around the country from 27 July 2020 for RRP $569.