By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Vintec Australia has alighted on a brand message as ambitious as its range of wine cabinets. According to national sales and marketing manager Di Hill, wine cabinets “are no longer a luxury, but a necessity”.

With viticulture incredibly trendy right now, Vintec is well-placed to capitalise on the growing desire amongst Australians to research, collect, store and, eventually, drink wine. More than this, Australians are becoming more discerning, with good wines taking precedence over cheap and nasty rocket fuel.

In a vote of confidence for Vintec, the brand was recently praised by Australia’s premier wine aficionado James Halliday.

“I am totally delighted with my Vintec wine cabinet,” said Halliday. “It combines elegance and functionality of the highest order.

“Because it is surprisingly light, notwithstanding its size, it is easy to move should the need arise, and installing it is little more than plugging it into a conventional power outlet.

“The ability to have wines stored at two temperatures is extraordinary, allowing you to keep red wines optimum temperatures throughout the summer, and white wines at a much lower temperature.”