By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Consumer retail website this morning moved to take advantage of the next must-have digital device by launching its own retail application for the Apple iPad.

Developed by digital marketing company Salmat, the Lasoo iPad application is designed to enable Australian users to search across hundreds of retail catalogues, products, retailers and brands from thousands of outlets.

“The iPad app will make the device even more invaluable for the market savvy shoppers and the retail marketing community,” according to the head of, Paul Marshall.

Speaking with, Marshall said the application will best suit the larger, multi-category retailers who already use catalogues extensively.

“People already browse multi-category retail catalogues, as well as electronic retailer catalogues, regularly and I think that they will transfer over with the iPad.”

With more and more aspects of the industry finding a life online, retailers simply can’t afford to not be involved.

“The key for retailers is whatever device or channel the user chooses to start their shopping research in, their message has to be in that channel,” said Marshall.

“That means if consumers are out and about on their mobile phone, or sitting on the couch using a new device like the iPad, and they want to start browsing products, if a retailer is not there they simply won’t be discovered and they won’t be part of that decision.”

The Lasoo application also uses a store locator that makes use of the iPad’s integrated GPS functionality, also giving consumers retail store contact details and opening hours.

With the continued release of new devices like the iPad, Marshall stresses that a digital presence is increasing in importance for retailers.

“Online research is fast becoming the mainstream avenue for consumers and retailers need to have a strong online presence.

“That no longer means just on a computer, but whatever devices are reached and are enabled.”