By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: LG Electronics Australia has released a new range of refrigerators, including an updated model of its LCD TV fridge.

According to LG Electronics Australia category manager – whitegoods, Glacel Lubrin, the new LG refrigerator range features design solutions which are tailored towards the home owner.

“This new range of refrigerators delivers the highest quality product with many value added features including an ice maker hidden neatly away in the door,” said Lubrin.

New features to the range include the one-touch Home bar, which allows consumers easy access to the fridge’s frequently accessed drinks and snacks, without having to open the door, making the unit as energy efficient as possible with minimal loss of refrigerated air.

With the modern home becoming more integrated than ever, the added features of the new LG refrigeration range provide consumers an up to date and streamlined product range.

“With a choice of features including in-built LCD TVs, ice makers, filtered water dispensers and a Home-bar, all at the touch of a button, consumers can own a truly integrated product,” Lubrin said.

Additional features of selected models include touch-screen LCD display with up to eight digital sensors, and a three temperature adjustable control Miracle zone.

“LG maintains it’s commitment to keeping the environment clean with linear compression motors, which use less moving parts than the average refrigerator, ensuring less energy is lost and a more efficient power output is achieved.”

Other features included across the new range consist of Icebeam door cooling, which sends cool air through ducts inside the fridge to ensure even temperature distribution, Multi-air flow to deliver cool air to all shelves, Bioshield to prevent mould and mildew build-up and Magic Crisper to provide optimal humidity levels to fruit and vegetables.

The entire range consists of the side-by-side GR-G227TVS (RRP $7,499), GR-P257STB (RRP $5,624), GR-P257SVB (RRP $4,999), GR-P227STG (RRP $3,749) and GR-L218STB (RRP $4,799), as well as the French door models GR-B218NID (RRP $3,749) and GR-B218WD (RRP $3,749).