By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: TomTom has this morning announced the release of its new Start device. This device is being marketed as a GPS that “redefines ease of use and smart route planning”.

This model has a 3.5-inch touchscreen, spoken street names and an integrated EasyPort mount, which enables the whole navigation package to be stored in a small bag or the glove box.

“With the introduction of TomTom Start, navigation has never been so accessible. We have redefined ease of use and taken affordable navigation to the next level – and this is done while always providing drivers with the fastest route to their destination with TomTom IQ Routes,” said TomTom marketing manager Chris Kearney.

“TomTom’s leading technology IQ Routes provides Start users with the fastest route, no matter the time of day, with accurate travel times.

“This is achieved with TomTom’s database of over 800 billion speed profiles worldwide, which are included in the TomTom Start map so that routes are planned according to historical real average speeds.”

The new TomTom Start will be available by the end of October for RRP $199.