In episode 22 of the Appliance Retailer Podcast, we speak to Brad Reed, head of marketing for B2B business solutions at LG Electronics Australia about shifts in consumer behaviour within the IT category, including significant uptake in the premium monitor segment, and what it means for retailers.

He discusses LG’s investment in collaborative working technology and range of cloud-based solutions in a market that is expected to grow by double digits over the next 12 months.

Reed then shares a preview of what’s in the pipeline for the gaming and computing categories in 2022 as LG remains on the cutting edge of innovation in terms of processor speeds, chipsets and software to deliver an optimal user experience.

He also explains why retailers should have dedicated in-store displays to showcase their gaming monitor line-up and provide the opportunity for consumers to experience refresh rates, colour reproduction and sound first-hand, to maximise sales.

LG is focused on improving in-store merchandising with displays that better communicate key features and unique selling points, as well as more regular store visits to share information with floor staff.