In episode 20 of the Appliance Retailer Podcast, we speak to Dr Morten Boyer, managing director of GfK Australia and New Zealand about GfK’s transformation from a market research company to a data-driven organisation shaping the future with data-centric decision-making.

He also discusses the most significant and enduring shifts from the last two years including the rise of online sales, the trend towards more premium products and a clear focus on improving the home environment.

Morten then explains the importance of data, insights and analytics as key drivers of business growth, and why a company’s performance must be measured against the rest of the market, both locally and globally, to better understand future opportunities.

GfK recently launched the AI-supported business intelligence platform “gfknewron” and is the only provider in the market to offer such a product. gfknewron is an always-on platform that radically transforms data-centric decision-making and enables teams to gain actionable and connected insights, collaborate effectively, and act at speed to ignite sustainable growth. It is a single access point that combines market, consumer, and brand intelligence supercharged with AI-powered recommendations, to show what and where, who and why, and most importantly how to shape what happens next.

Learn more about GfK here.