With staff and retail partners.

Electrolux Home Products (EHP) was host to 200 staff and retail partners from Australia and New Zealand in Sydney last night to celebrate its 100 year centenary.

Mike Putt (Electrolux), Terry Smart (The Good Guys), Dan Arler (Electrolux) and Kay Spencer (Narta)

Michael Doyle (Electrolux) and Rob Nelson (Harvey Norman)

Mike Bishop (e&s) and Richelle Barker (Electrolux)

Jo Devery (Winning Appliances) and Sandra Boyle (Electrolux)

Phil Moujeas (Bing Lee), Mike Putt (Electrolux) and Chris Gerdes (e&s)

Darren Spencer (Narta), AK Sacur and Hamza Hussein (Bi-Rite) and Michael Jackson (Narta)

Peter Harris (Bing Lee), Kristina Francis and Rob Sinclair (e&s)

Mike Meldrum (e&s), Nick Kirby (Winning Appliances) and Peter Tsoutouras (Spartan Electrical)

Haydon Myers and Craig Sidey (Harvey Norman)

Mike Jeffrey (Retravision), Maria Mammone (Electrolux) and David Dorsett-Lynn (Retravision)

Darren Spencer (Narta) and Cameron Trainor (JB Hi-Fi)

The Good Guys team join Electrolux customer marketing manager, Christina Kumcevski (second from left) for the 100th birthday celebrations