The personal category receives extra attention around gift giving periods. Here is our wrap of what the best brands have on offer this Mother’s Day…

Appliance Retailer’s Personal Care Gift Guide for Mother’s Day 2015

Awareness of in-home beauty products is low, but satisfaction with them is high, according to research conducted by worldwide consulting and research firm Kline & Company in 2014.

“Our research shows that women who use skin care devices have a high level of satisfaction. However, the penetration rates of these high-tech gadgets are low across most regions due to lack of awareness about them, indicating significant opportunity for marketers to attract new consumers,” said Karen Doskow, director of consumer products at Kline.

“Building greater awareness of device benefits and growing consumer confidence in the efficacy and value of devices is essential for market growth. Leveraging the satisfied customers and getting them to talk about devices within their social circles could be a key factor for success,” she said.

According to Kline’s 2014 Global Market brief on beauty devices, at-home facial beauty was worth $1.4 billion globally in 2013 and the category is expected to double by 2018, thanks to the introduction of new products and technology that address women’s beauty needs.

Natasha McIntosh, national sales manager at Mann & Noble, distributor of Braun personal care products, said these figures show at-home beauty is a category on the rise.

Braun Face is both a facial epilator and gentle cleanser. The epilator head removes the short, fine facial hairs for up to four weeks and cleansing brush sweeps away oils, pollution and make-up.
Braun Face is both a facial epilator and gentle cleanser. The epilator head removes the short, fine facial hairs for up to four weeks and cleansing brush sweeps away oils, pollution and make-up.

The hero product from Mann & Noble is Braun Face, a two-in-one epilator and cleansing brush. The Braun Face line-up includes three SKUs — SE810 (RRP $99.99), SE820 (RRP $109) and SE830 (RRP $119) — distinguished by different accessories.

Philips expects to see a growing trend towards women seeking salon experiences at home such as hair removal via a method called intense pulse light, or IPL.

“Women are becoming more perceptive to the costs and time associated with having to undergo multiple salon visits,” said Tom Paltridge, senior marketing manager, Philips Australia.

“Products that can deliver professional looking results, a positive total cost of ownership and require less time input could experience a strong uptake in demand. Equally, consumers may be more willing to pay more for products that offer longer-term results rather than open-jar solutions, such as shaving and waxing.”

Paltridge said Philips will be placing a big emphasis on IPL and the Philips Lumea range this year, supporting the category with a 4-week TVC campaign commencing in April, as well as rolling out new, appealing and informative POS.

“We expect to see the IPL market grow in 2015,” he said. “It’s a high value category and is expected to pay dividends to the bottom line.”

“We expect products in this category to be easy to sell due to the multitude of long-term benefits to the consumer: time savings, cost of ownership/per treatment, professional results and safety to use. Our reps will work closely with our retail partners to ensure that those on the shop floor are confident in their approach, their pitch and their product knowledge to ensure they build confidence with their customers and get sales across the line.”

There are three SKUs in the Philips Lumea range: the Philips Lumea Comfort (SC1981/00, RRP $299), Philips Lumea Essential (SC1996/70, RRP $499) and Philips Lumea Precision Plus (SC2006/11, RRP $899).

To help customers with their choice, Paltridge recommends store staff familiarise themselves with the features within a range of products.

“Pushing the premium product in any range may be ideal for the retailer, but if customers want to start at the base model it’s key to be able to spot when the appropriate opportunity is to explain to consumers the benefits of trading up to a higher priced product.

“A strong understanding of what savvy shoppers want is extremely important. They are happy to spend but need reassurance that they’ll see professional results, the product will last longer and remain efficient, otherwise they’ll easily see through the cracks.”

FitZone Solutions has a number of new products launching for Mother’s Day 2015, including two IPL devices for long term hair removal.

The IPL 10000+ Salon Pro Long Term Hair Removal appliance (RRP $899) promises “a lifetime of flashes” thanks to a cartridge with 250,000 light pulses, which is enough for 40-to-60 years of normal use. For consumers not yet looking to make a lifelong commitment there is also the compact Beurer Satin Skin Pro (IPL7000, RRP $369).

FitZone Solutions director Maria Russo said if retailers execute the basics well — knowledgeable staff, clean displays and clearly ticketed items — they’ll capitalise on this buying season.

“The products that have clever capabilities that are not always obvious, so having knowledgeable staff to engage with customers is a key focus for success,” Russo said.

One of those products with clever capabilities is the new Beurer Connect Bluetooth Body Fat Scale (BF700, RRP $119) which automatically sends information from the bathroom scales to a free smartphone app to keep track of your measurements and body data.

Beurer Connect Bluetooth Body Fat Scale (BF700, RRP $119) uses four brushed steel electrodes to collect data, which it then sends via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.
Beurer Connect Bluetooth Body Fat Scale (BF700, RRP $119) uses four brushed steel electrodes to collect data, which it then sends via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.

The scales can display body weight, body fat, body water, muscle ratio, bone mass, AMR/BMR and BMI. It can recognise and remember eight different users.

HoMedics launched its first IPL product in September 2014: the Duo IPL Salon Hair Removal System (RRP $299). National sales manager Tim Kendall said the HoMedics Duo IPL hails a new era in affordable IPL technology.

“We will attract consumers to the category who might previously have been reluctant to try in home IPL at higher price points.

“IPL technology has now moved mainstream and most consumers who are interested in at home hair removal know and understand the technology, ease of use and the benefits of IPL at home.”

One feature that Kendall raised was that the Duo comes with a replaceable 50,000-flash cartridge.

“Unlike many other, more expensive units with fixed flash heads, once this cartridge is depleted you can replace it with a new cartridge. A separate cartridge is also available to treat the face.”

The Duo is also being supported by a 120-day trial offer, in which time consumers can collect a full refund if they are unsatisfied with the product.

Slightly outside of the scope of Mother’s Day, but an interesting observation nonetheless, HoMedics is marketing this hair removal product at both women and men.

“It is our belief that the male sector is underrepresented in marketing in this category and our instructions, packaging and marketing clearly call male groomers to our product,” Kendall said.

Remington, distributed by Spectrum Brands, is also marketing products that replicate salon-quality results at home, this time focusing on manicures and pedicures.

“Capitalising on the glamorous manicure and pedicure trend that is evident amongst Australian women, Remington is excited to bring salon technology into the comfort and convenience of your own home thanks to the Remington Flawless Nails Manicure & Pedicure Kit (MAN6000AU, RRP $49.95),” said Martin Szymiczek, personal care product manager.

“Personal Care products make greatly appreciated gifts, in particular, for the Mother’s Day gift giving period. Remington supports retailers with innovative product launches to capitalise on Mother’s Day sales to help to ensure consumers walking into stores are confronted with an easy purchase decision, and to ensure Mum will be delighted on her special day.”

TWZ100AU Tweezer and Pouch
Remington TWZ100AU Tweezers and Pouch (RRP $19.95)

Another gift idea from Remington is the Perfect Eyebrows Illuminated Tweezers (TWZ100AU, RRP $19.95), which incorporates an LED spotlight for better visibility.

Remington’s focus on professional results carries through into the hair care sub-category.

“When it comes to straightening, today’s consumer is looking for a professional styling tool that not only provides them with long lasting, fast, smooth and shiny results but also helps to protect their hair,” said assistant product manager Mel Kercheval.

Remington’s new Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish straightener (S7500AU, RRP $69.95) is promising hair protection provided by two highly sought after conditioners.

“The advanced ceramic infused plates combine naturally occurring Keratin to restore and repair health, while nutrient-rich Argan Oil nourishes hair from the inside out, promoting enhanced shine and reduced frizz,” Kercheval explained.

“What’s more, with multiple heat settings to cater to individual hair types, this ultra-smart straightener takes just 30 seconds to reach its pre-selected heat and begin releasing nourishing micro conditioners onto each strand while you style.”