By Patrick Avenell

BRISBANE: Australian-owned technology supplier NetOpt has released a mobile digital television that is designed for use while commuting, camping or away from your regular panel.

The flagship P380 model has a 3.6-inch high resolution LTPS TFT-LCD Display with built-in whip antennae to receive DVB-T digital TV and DVB-T radio. The unit also comes with an external aerial to supplement the built-in whip antennae.

Key features include electronic program guide, teletext and an estimated battery time of 3 hours. Playback is available through SD, SDHC and MMC 4.2 memory slots. Aside from television functionality, the P380 can also play music, pictures and videos. The P380 comes with a mini USB port and acts as a host so you can access content from any self-powered USB storage devices.

“The P380 can be used as a second TV in the home or for watching your favourite program or sports anywhere and anytime and is ideal in an office, or for camping or for commuters,” said NetOpt spokesperson Rick Nand.

When asked what he was most proud of about this device, Nand pointed to the ease-of-use of the P380 as a key selling point.

“Navigating around the P380 is simple,” he said. “The main controls on the front let you change channel, alter the volume, open a context-sensitive menu or return to the main menu. On top of the player are fast forward, rewind and play/pause keys for recorded media, along with a lock slider and the on/off key.”

Nand also noted that two games are included in the unit and that the model is powered by a non-removable rechargeable lithium ion battery.

As for the distribution channel, Nand said that the supplier was currently in discussions with electrical retail groups to stock the mobile digital television, which is RRP $395.