OLIN is proud to present the iPhone wireless charger. This feature packed, wireless charger means you will never need to plug your device directly into a power outlet again. The convenient unit means that you can enjoy the freedom of wireless charging anywhere, anytime, whether you’re at home, school or even at the office, all in the same time it would take to charge if the unit was plugged into a direct power source.

The easy to use charger has been designed with safety in mind as it features over/under voltage protection, short circuit and overcharge protection, making it safe to use for the whole family. Users simply sit their Apple iPhone 3G or 3GS onto the charging pad and the device will charge fully in the same time as required by the device’s standard charger.

People have been talking about wireless charging for years, and now they are finally in Australia and available through Olin. The Olin wireless charger range is designed to add simplicity to people’s lives, to enable users to live now.  Wireless chargers mean you no longer have to hunt for the right charger, you don’t have the tangle of wires, or the worry of a power surge damaging your device.  Simply drop your device onto the charging pad and leave it!

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