Ultralieve utilises ultrasound technology, creating sound waves that penetrate the skin to a depth of up to 5cms. Ultralieve offers 3 mode levels so that you can tailor treatment to your needs. The correct mode level is determined by the depth of your injury and how long you’ve been experiencing pain. A therapy application table is provided to show exactly the time and mode you should use with Ultralieve. Depending on your pain area, daily Ultralieve treatment could be as little as 2 minutes.

It is designed to effectively relieve pain by supporting the natural healing process to aid tissue repair. Ultralieve doesn’t mask pain like pain-killers and therefore is an effective drug-free solution.

Ultralieve has been designed using the same ultrasound technology used by Physiotherapists and is a medical device that can be used at home.  It is easy to use and light weight for comfortable application by you.

Ultralieve treatment gel is also available and has been specifically de- veloped to conduct Ultralieve’s ultrasound waves deep into the tissue.

Ultralieve comes with a 24 month warranty.