Exclusive by Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: More news has emerged regarding DViCO’s conflict with Freeview. Current.com.au has since learned that the two organisations have been in contact, and that promotional material suggesting the product is Freeview compliant is set to be amended.

In a statement from Freeview this afternoon, the organisation said it had no association with the manufacturer, its PVR product or the local distributor, Also Technology.

“Freeview today stated that it has no association with manufacturer DViCO and its PVR product or the Australian distributor Also Technology,” reads the statement

“The DViCO TViX M-6600N PVR launched yesterday featuring the Freeview logo on its product and promotional material. DViCO is not Freeview endorsed and the company or its Australian distributor has not contacted Freeview regarding endorsement.

“Freeview’s legal team has contacted the manufacturer to ask for clarification and to ensure DViCO discontinues the association.”

Current.com.au understands that this Freeview badging on DViCO marketing materials was intended to reflect the product’s certification by Freeview in the United Kingdom, which is a similar though totally separate organisation. At no stage were media told, nor was it highlighted in the marketing material, that this Freeview branding referred to an overseas body, and not to the Australian Freeview organisation.

We further understand that DViCO will be complying fully with Freeview’s request for this branding to be removed, and that legal action will most likely be avoided.