By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Forty-one minutes after Vodafone launched its pre-registration site for the HTC Magic, featuring Google Android, 3 has also set up a site for potential consumers to register their interest. This has led to the same product manager being quoted espousing the values of both brands. On face value, he seems more enthusiastic about Vodafone.

“We are aware that there is a lot of consumer anticipation and excitement for the arrival of the HTC Magic and want to give customers the opportunity to register their interest so they can be among the first to use it on 3,” said 3 sales director Noel Hamill, who will be hoping consumers only want the Magic in black, as only Vodafone will sell the white model at launch.

“The Android platform is a first for 3 and with the launch of the HTC Magic we are delivering a fantastic internet experience and access to the world of Android applications. With a user-friendly touch screen and a truly open platform the HTC Magic is a ‘must have’ for customers wanting Google services on the go.”

HTC sales and marketing director Anthony Petts, who earlier spoke passionately about Vodafone’s “superior mobile internet experience”, is now a fan of 3 too.

“HTC has partnered with 3 to launch the HTC Magic, the second Android-powered handset in the Australian market,” said Petts.

“The HTC Magic enables users to find and download unique applications to expand and personalise their phone to fit their lifestyle.”

3’s dedicated website can be found here. The Vodafone launch story is here.