LG Electronics exhibited at this year’s EuroCucina exhibition in Milan – except its logo or company name did not appear anywhere on the 400 square metre ‘human-centred’ stand.

On a stand branded Signature Kitchen Suite, LG Electronics displayed its premium range of appliances marketed in Australia under the Signature banner.

In a statement from LG, the exhibition booth was expected to be seen by many of the expected 370,000 visitors at the Salone del Mobile exhibition from 188 countries.

“LG Electronics will unveil its human-centered design philosophy at Milan Design Week by introducing its Signature Kitchen Suite, delivering thoughtfully-designed customer experiences,” the company said.

“In accordance with its True to Food theme, the company will reveal its 400 square metre Signature Kitchen Suite booth comprised of high-end, built-in solutions to convey the values of preserving the original flavour and freshness of food.

“Visitors can experience a better culinary life by walking through four unique sections and taking part in various engaging events, all of which convey the quality and differentiated customer values of the stylish, sophisticated lineup.

“Coinciding with the Milan exhibition is the LG True to Food Itinerary event which will take place at the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom in Piazza Cavour, Milan. Here, the company will demonstrate the values that preserve the original flavour and freshness of food through perfectly crafted customer experiences.

“Open since 2020, the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom presents the luxurious offerings of Signature Kitchen Suite, a brand that is creating new trends in built-in kitchen appliances. Admired throughout Europe, the home of built-in appliances, the luxurious LG built-in kitchen solutions combine the company’s innovative technologies and passion for food to deliver precise cooking and food preservation as well as next-level style and convenience. 

“The ultra-premium brand’s showroom resembles an elegant, modern art gallery where tradition and innovation come together in effortless harmony. Perfectly complementing the understated design of Signature Kitchen Suite’s advanced appliances is a nature-inspired décor by Calvi Brambilla, one of Milan’s most esteemed interior design studios. Visitors can see and experience for themselves the unique value of the Signature Kitchen Suite and the LG home appliances by exploring the showroom’s Food Academy and curated domestic spaces, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom and laundry room.

“During Milan Design Week 2022, the showroom will demonstrate the true value of Signature Kitchen Suite products through the True to Food Itinerary event – which shows consumers the benefits of a True to Nature lifestyle, where ingredients are kept fresh by the latest LG technologies.

“Also on offer are cookery courses hosted by the Signature Kitchen Suite’s food experience director, the noted chef, Andrea Vigna, storytelling by architect, illustrator and author, Carlo Stanga, as well as appearances by well-known artists and furniture designers. Providing a variety of delicious experiences, the showroom’s events convey the importance of proper food storge and preparation, and the passion and dedication Signature Kitchen Suite has for sharing its True to Food philosophy.”

LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company president, Lyu Jae-cheol said, “Visitors to our showroom this Milan Design Week will experience the unmatched value and artistry of our ultra-premium brand appliances and see for themselves how we remain true to creating a better life in all areas of the home.

“We will continue to expand our portfolio of built-in appliances for the European market with high-tech, well-designed products that meet the needs and expectations of the most discerning consumers.

“LG and premium Italian furniture brand Molteni&C S.p.A will be collaborating to present the style and advanced functionality of the LG Signature brand. The collaboration will give consumers the opportunity to both virtually and physically experience the innovative products. Also, the short film, Hide and Seek, will be screened for the whole week to highlight the premium LG Signature products and Molteni&C’s elegant furnishings. 

“Produced by LG Signature and created by Francesca Molteni, the influential art and visual director who founded the MUSE Factory of Projects, this visual piece showcases the LG Signature and Molteni&C partnership by expressing what the two brands stand for and will run alongside special Hide & Seek events for visiting interior designers and architects to learn and enjoy.

“LG is adding a touch of class to its LG OLED Objet Collection Easel (65Art90) and Posé (LX1) models by teaming up with premium Dutch lifestyle brand, Moooi. This collaboration embraces Moooi’s signature ‘A Life Extraordinary’ exhibition by fusing innovative lifestyle TVs with its designs. Representing an exciting new direction for TV, the LG OLED Objet Collection continues to reinforce the LG global reputation as a lifestyle innovator.”