By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Sony Australia has released its latest range of digital notetakers in the form of its new U Series, which includes 512MB and 1GB capacity recorders able to playback mp3 files for added music playback functionality.

“Sony designed the new U Series digital notetaker to simplify a broader range of tasks and provide a multi-functional tool for those who want to conduct voice-based and general recordings,” said Sony Australia product manager – personal audio, Suzanna Gan.

“Similar in size to your favourite chocolate bar, the U Series notetaker can be taken with you always to make sure a recording opportunity is never missed.”

The 512MB ICDU60 (RRP $299) and 1GB ICDU70 (RRP $399) are equipped with direct hi-speed USB connectivity as well as simple drag and drop file management for easy voice, music and data transfer.

Offering high quality, standard and long play modes, the device can hold up to 502 hours of recordings, and records in triple-rate codec for playback in either mp3 or triple-rate codec formats.

Each model in the U Series is supplied with a carry strap and stereo headphones and is powered by one AAA battery to provide over 16 hours of recording and up to 19 hours of playback.