Did you grow up chuckling at broad undergraduate sketch comedy?
Are you a sucker for Z-Listers sweating it out to save their ailing careers?
Do you find yourself crying while watching classic Australian Tuesday night family dramedies?

Well, UnderCurrent has some good new for you! One of its favourite actress/comediennes Julia Morris is tipped to be the new face of Australia’s favourite-ish major appliance brand, Westinghouse.

Morris, currently in the South African wilderness battling the elements, wildebeests and egotistical gameshow contestants, will soon be appearing in Westinghouse TVCs, print ads, marketing collateral and life-size in-store cut-outs, UnderCurrent is reliably informed. Morris has had an enviably consistent career since bursting on our screens with Full Frontal in the mid-1990s. In addition to her I’m A Celebrity… gig, she’s also on Channel Nine’s House Husbands and she tends to get pop up on myriad other panel shows looking for a friendly face and sharp one-liner.

Westinghouse is a much loved brand with the salt-of-the-earth folk and Julia Morris is quite popular with those inclined to watch high-rating network television fare. Morris’ Australianness also matches Westinghouse’s powerful Australian-made story, with its cookers and refrigerators still made, at least for the time being, at its plants in Adelaide and Orange.

UnderCurrent can’t help but think that this is a match made in suburban heaven.