To dispel common myths.

Nespresso is sponsoring Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week, which runs until Sunday 17 November, to help dispel common myths around recycling to fit in with this year’s theme of ‘Recycling Mythbusters’.

Nespresso will use the sponsorship to help dispel myths around coffee sustainability from sourcing, production and extraction to recycling of aluminium and coffee grounds. Nespresso sources 94% of its coffee through its AAA Sustainable Quality program.

In Australia, Nespresso established its own recycling scheme centred around a purpose-built facility in Nowra on the NSW south coast. The scheme enables Nespresso customers to recycle their capsules across 22,000 drop-off locations or there is an opportunity for businesses to become collection points using the bulk recycling kit.

Nespresso is also partnering with leading waste expert and director of UNSW Cetnre of Sustainable Materials Research and Technology, Veena Sahajwalla, to explore ways to capture and collect coffee capsules to reform the metals for reuse.

Nespresso marketing and communications manager, Jeff Wong said the company was delighted to be sponsoring National Recycling Week for the second year.

“It is an important moment for us to come together and raise awareness of recycling options and drive behavioural change as we move towards a waste-free future.

“National Recycling Week is an excellent way of getting people thinking, talking and taking action on recycling and we are looking forward to working with Planet Ark to promote the initiative.”