Scratching the screen of a new mobile is a nightmare scenario for phone fans the world over.

The only awkward alternative to a scraped screen is a bulky phone case – unattractive and unpopular – and so it’s no surprise that many phone owners choose to take their chances and go case free.

Until now…

Bodyguardz iphone screen cover

A brand new product, already taking the technology world by storm, has hit Australian shores and signals the end for those soul-destroying scratched-screen scenarios.

Scratch proof and transparent, BodyGuardz are protective phone films designed to custom fit every make and model of mobile.

While retaining the original look of the handset and the beauty of the new buy, BodyGuardz are made from the toughest material on the market.

The unique product is already an international award winner and was named the iPod & iPhone Product of the Year by iLounge out of 1,500 products reviewed.

Bodyguardz iphone screen cover

Retailing for $29.95, the BodyGuardz come with two covers in a pack and a lifetime guarantee.  The product sells itself and retailers can expect a near zero return rate!

“BodyGuardz are the easiest add on sale ever,” explains Paul Mapp from Dynamic Red, which owns the rights to the product in Australia.

“It’s simple. What customer would not want to protect their precious new handset? A simple demonstration of a product that is protected by Bodyguardz and one that is not and the successful sale is complete.  It is often the simplest things that sell well.”

BodyGuardz are distributed by Cellnet and available throughout Australia. To place an order call 1300 235 563. For more information contact Dynamic Red on 08 8376 0334.

Article by Cassandra Dunlop