By Matthew Henry

MELBOURNE: Pioneer is appealing to Xbox 360 devotees looking to get more wow from their gaming experience with a home theatre system purpose-built for the video games console and officially licensed by Microsoft.

Set to be launched next month, the 600 watt HTP-GS1 5.1 channel home theatre system (RRP $699) features five compact satellite speakers and a subwoofer sporting the Xbox 360 logo, and provides digital audio inputs to allow gamers to unlock the potential of the console’s powerful audio capabilities.

With modern video game designers creating highly immersive and realistic environments with high definition graphics and 5.1 channel digital surround sound, Pioneer audio marketing manager, Tony Trent, believes accurate, high-quality sound reproduction is an important aspect of the modern gaming experience.

“Game makers put the same amount, if not more, detail in audio quality as they do into the video graphics of the game, which emphasises the need for an audio system that’s up for the challenge,” said Trent.

“The HTP-GS1 delivers the same impressive sound accuracy to music and video played through the game console for an unbelievably versatile entertainment experience.”

According to Trent, the GS1 also supports the other home entertainment capabilities of the Xbox 360 including DVD movies and digital music playback from the console’s built-in hard drive, or a connected digital audio player.

The Pioneer GS1 system integrates with Xbox 360 by employing the same colour scheme and design elements as the console. The GS1’s remote control also features buttons for accessing the Xbox 360’s menu and multimedia from a connected Windows Media Centre PC.

The GS1 supports Dolby Digital and DTS digital audio tracks via three digital inputs (two optical and one coaxial), and decodes analogue stereo inputs into surround sound with Dolby Pro Logic II.

Pioneer has also incorporated the Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System (MCACC), which automatically calibrates the system’s levels and relay times for a cohesive and balanced audio environment.