By Adam Coleman

SYDNEY: Panasonic has become an official supplier to the Holden Racing Team (HRT), in a deal that will see Panasonic supply CF-18 Toughbooks for race analysis and technical support.

The partnership also includes providing HRT with Panasonic Viera LCD televisions and DVD Recorders for race recording and analysis.

“HRT is delighted about our alliance with Panasonic as the opportunities to benefit from Panasonic technology are endless, starting with the perfect match between Toughbooks and the demanding, fast-paced world of HRT in the V8 Supercar Championships,” said HRT chairman, John Crennan.

Panasonic Toughbooks will be used for measuring car telemetry, connecting directly to the V8 race car, and downloading and analysing engine and chassis information. The pit crew will also receive graphical lap time information wirelessly for immediate race performance assessment.

Drivers can analyse this information by viewing the Toughbook during a pit stop whilst waiting in the car and by taking the Toughbooks with them after the race.

Panasonic LCD TVs will also be mounted in the garage and connected to a Toughbook as displays for the car’s telemetry.

“Panasonic Toughbooks have equipped HRT with the latest technology and are highly suited to our demanding and rugged work environment,” Holden Racing Team champion driver, Mark Skaife.

“Toughbooks allow engineers and drivers to analyse data directly from the race car in pit lane. Having this crucial information so accessible can only maximise our performance.”