Kambrook’s new Stack & Snack!


Bacon a-sizzlin’, eggs a-fryin’, cheese a-meltin’! Hmmm, who hasn’t woken up worse for ware after too much amber refreshment craving the dubious hangover cure that is bacon and egg muffin from one of several fine good-food-fast establishments?

Well, thanks to the good folks at Kambrook, now one need not even get dressed and leave the house to find succor in those ginger moments. Launching this week is the Stack & Snack sandwich maker, which can replicate muffin based snacks in just five minutes. Those intimately familiar with American food emporium Carl’s Jr will know that you can also make heart-stoppingly good burgers using the same method, what they call a ‘biscuit burger’ in the States.

And if you’re not one for stuffin’ muffins, the Stack & Snack also takes bread, pikelets and crumpets.

The Stack & Snack is RRP $49.95 and it is going to be marketed at “students, singles and busy families”, and perhaps even the health conscious, as Kambrook promises that you can also use it to make a vegetable stack.