By James Wells

SYDNEY: Electrolux Home Products has denied it is owed approximately $9 million by Retravision NSW, even though it is unable to accurately announce the exact figure of the debt.

A public relations consultant employed by Electrolux Home Products has disputed the amount of money reported by on Friday which is owed to the Swedish whitegoods company by Retravision NSW which last week went into voluntary administration and was consequently placed into receivership.

"The amount of money… Retravision owes Electrolux is grossly inaccurate. Publication of this grossly inaccurate figure may impact negatively on Electrolux’s share price," the spokesperon said. is unable to verify the exact amount of the debt to Electrolux Home Products as the company refuses to release the details of the potential losses it is facing following the collapse of the $300 million retail group.

"Electrolux regard commercial transactions between it and its key customers as private and, as such, will not divulge them," the spokesperon said.