By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Lexar Media has today expanded its specialised gaming memory card range, with new products for the Sony and Nintendo consoles.

Designed for use with Sony products, the Lexar Gaming M2 card, which is available in either 4GB or 8GB models, is compatible with Sony PSP Go and other Sony M2 devices. Also available is the Lexar Gaming Memory Stick Pro Duo, for use with the PSP and the PlayStation 3.

For Nintendo gamers, Lexar has released 4GB and 8GB models of the Gaming SDHC card. This card can be used with the Nintendo Wii and the DSi.

According to Lexar, these cards enable users to store information such as cheat codes, checkpoints, custom settings, high scores, bonus material, player profiles, images and music, depending on the consoles’ functionality.

Speaking about this release is Lexar Media director of worldwide memory card marketing Manisha Sharma.

“Gamers live by their saved gaming data, and everyone from casual to hard-core gamers rely on that information to be available every time they power up their consoles,” said Sharma.

“Since most gamers play more than one title at a time and use their consoles for Web browsing and photo, video, and music storage, they need memory products that can hold lots of content. The Lexar Gaming M2 and SDHC cards give even the most passionate gamers a way to reliably store their video game information, and help enhance the overall playing experience.”

Lexar Gaming Memory Stick Micro (M2) card: 4GB RRP $39; 8GB RRP $49
Lexar Gaming Memory Stick PRO Duo card: 4GB RRP $27; 8GB RRP $44
Lexar Gaming SDHC card: 4GB RRP $19; 8GB RRP $36
Lexar Gaming SD card: 2GB RRP $12.90