By Adam Coleman

SYDNEY: Oricom has released a care phone with an emergency call function that combines features like talking Caller ID with a remote emergency pendant that could help save lives.

Designed for seniors or those who live alone, the Oricom TP150 care phone is designed to assure both the user and their family that in an emergency situation, users can call for help without the need to get to their phone.

The phone’s emergency call unit consists of a pendant that remotely activates the users programmed emergency numbers.

The pendant can be worn around the neck and should the user fall, feel threatened or be unable to reach the phone they just press the red button on the pendant to activate rapid dialling of the emergency numbers.

Once the called party acknowledges the call, the phone automatically switches to speakerphone mode to allow both parties to talk.  The emergency function can also be activated from the phone base.

The TP150 care phone also enables users to answer the phone, talk and hangup by just pressing the button on the wireless pendant.

For those who are hard of hearing, the TP150 care phone offers an amplified receiver, is hearing aid compatible, has a large flashing indicator that lights up when a person calls, and an extra loud ringer.

The care phone is also very easy to see and use. It has a jumbo size keypad with big characters and an ultra large backlit display. Each dial key even speaks its number as it is pressed, so users know they have pressed the right number.

In the case of a power failure batteries power the phone for up to 12 hours so that users can always reach others.

The TP150 comes complete with a 12 month replacement warranty and retails for $169.