Jura re-opened its Melbourne showroom to customers last week and managing director, George Liakatos has explained to Appliance Retailer how things are being done differently, in light of COVID-19 government regulations in a recent video interview.

“(Last) Monday was our first day and we opened quite cautiously,” he said.

“It’s not a transactional showroom so people come to the showroom for an experience. They want to learn about our products and want to have their Jura coffee machine serviced so generally they are in there for quite some time.

“With that in mind, we introduced restrictions to the number of people that we can serve at any one time and so far they have been very accommodating and are happy to wait in queue.

“I think, given that our retail partners have continued to trade through the pandemic, consumers have been educated on what to do so our job was done – people knew where to wait and what to do and have been fully accepting of the differences that we had to exhibit in order to operate safely.

“Our early indications are positive, and we are excited to welcome our customers back into our showroom.”

Appliance Retailer caught up with George via Zoom to receive this commentary. Watch our interview here.