By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Despite a fragile worldwide economy, the exiting of suppliers from the plasma panel business and improvements to LED technology, plasma has seen a resurgence of popularity, according to global market research firm DisplaySearch, who said major plasma makers have been operating at maximum capacity.

“Plasma TVs were well-suited for consumers’ purchasing habits in 2010, providing the most affordable large flat panel TVs for many consumers,” the DisplaySearch report issued overnight from the United States said.

“In addition, the strong industry push for 3D TV helped, as some reviewers and consumers concluded that plasma TV had superior 3D performance compared to LCD TV, at least in terms of flicker.”

“While 3D has not played a big role in the growth of plasma shipments, it has helped to support plasma TV in the competition with LCD TV,” Ken Park, DisplaySearch senior analyst for Korea TV market research said.

“With 3D functionality, plasma can re-position itself as a lasting technology in the TV industry. In fact, plasma TV brands are entering 2011 with 3D across their product portfolios, from 42-inch HD to 152-inch.”

The top plasma TV panel suppliers in 2010 on a unit basis were Panasonic, which grew 22 per cent year on year; Samsung, which grew 37 per cent year on year; and LG, which grew 30 per cent year on year.

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