ILVE Professional barbecue
ILVE Professional Outdoor  Barbecue

In the barbecue and alfresco dining market cooking appliances, cabinetry, rangehoods, sinks, fridges and heating options are making true outdoor kitchens a reality.

Following this trend of taking the capabilities of the kitchen outdoors, ILVE will launch its first outdoor product, the Professional Outdoor Barbecue in September 2015 just in time for summer.

With the same design aesthetic as the indoor range, the built-in barbecue has been constructed out of a single piece of AISI 316 stainless steel, which is resistant to humidity, salt spray and weathering.

Distributed by Eurolinx, ILVE’s Professional Barbecue with a flat hood will be RRP $3,299  or RRP $ 3,998 with additional dome hood.

It features two generous sized steel grills and incorporates ILVE’s famous stainless steel tepanyaki hotplate and 4 in-line gas burners, with a total power output of 14 KW.

For utmost convenience with outdoor entertaining, ILVE’s Professional Barbecue can be used far from electrical connections, as a long-lasting battery is included that allows operators to use the electronic ignition of the burners.

ILVE professional barbecue
ILVE Professional Barbecue