By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Electrolux has released its latest ‘stick vac’ concept – the Energica – which promises the power of  a canister in a form similar to the company’s Ergorapido range.

The bagless Energica will, Electrolux claims, deliver “the same suction power as a traditional canister vacuum” and uses a 1,600 W and what Electrolux claims is an airflow pattern designed to be as “smooth and straight” as possible to achieve this.

However, due to its increased power use over the Ergorapido, the Energica still requires a power cord.

“This is an emerging trend in floorcare, where people don’t want a traditional canister or traditional heavy, bulky upright. They want the power and performance that those other product provide, but certainly want the small footprint, the light weight and very slim nature,” said Electrolux Floorcare and Small Appliances managing director, John Mahar.

“It has a very small footprint, it’s very slim and will fit into any hallway cupboard.”

The Energica comes with a switchable carpet to hard floor head, scrolling control button, similar to a scroll wheel on a mouse and a rubber handgrip.

“It’s perfect for that type of consumer who’s looking for a quick job but a good job done, and they’re not necessarily looking for everything that a larger, full-size canister or upright would do, but they want good, overall dirt and dust pickup and overall cleaning performance,” said Mahar.

The Energica retails for $299 and is available in October.