By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Activision Australia has confirmed it will replace faulty copies of the Wii game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock it distributed in Australia that do not play in stereo.

The local confirmation comes after the company admitted it had shipped copies of the game that did not play in stereo in other markets.

Activision Australia said it could not give an estimate of how many discs had shipped with the defect, but said it would replace the discs affected.

However, the company could not confirm an exact date for the replacement discs to arrive in Australia. Overseas, reports state the discs will not arrive until next year.

The staff member, who declined to be named, said Activision Australia had not received direct complaints from customers, but could not be sure if retailers had received any complaints. They said they had not heard any complaints referred to them from retailers.

Activision Australia said they could not confirm whether the move was a global recall.

Official comment was not forthcoming.

The problem follows Activision’s legal issues over use of the song What I like about you by the band The Romantics, also known as Master Beat, in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s.

The band claimed the cover version of their song used in the game was too close to the original to be distinguishable, and constituted publicity rights violation, false endorsement and unfair competition.