BRISBANE, QLD & SYDNEY, NSW: As manufacturers look at every aspect of their cost structure, many are turning to agency representation, rather than traditional in-house representation, to sell their products to retailers and groups.  G & S Agencies director Gil Elliott has reported his company is on a rapid expansion program to meet the current demand.

Elliott, a 20-year veteran of the electrical industry, has not seen the demand for agency services so strong. 

“We now represent major manufacturers, such as Sharp, De’Longhi, Yamaha and Musicway, to name just a few in various parts of Australia and New Zealand,” said Elliott.

In the past 18 months, G & S Agencies has expanded its operations from 8 staff to 21, and is still recruiting. Elliott reported that coverage now extends to all states of Australia and New Zealand.

When asked why his company had remained resilient throughout the global economic crisis, whilst many others had reported downturned, Elliott identified his people as the main contributor.

“We have been fortunate to be able to recruit some great people with extensive product knowledge and industry experience to achieve these results,” he replied. “We have a strong record in achieving as good or better sales results for manufacturers as their ‘in house’ sales force and generally for less per sale.”

G & S’s offices in Brisbane, Adelaide and Christchurch, in New Zealand, also handle Atdec, Acqua, Anthony Gallo and Topfield accounts. A full list is available on G & S’ website.