Belgrade, Serbia - March 27, 2019: Woman presenting Huawei P30 Pro mobile smartphone in hand. New gadget with apps on the screen.

Along with new business products.

Huawei’s smartphone business increased in Q3, with over 185 million units shipped, representing a year-on-year increase of 26%. Business results for Q3 also grew to US$85.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of nearly 25%.

There was also rapid growth for other new business including PCs, tablets, wearables and smart audio products. The Vision smart screen, featuring innovations in software and hardware, was also launched in Q3.

Huawei’s Mobile Services ecosystem is developing rapidly, now covering more than 170 countries and regions, attracting over 1.07 million registered developers worldwide. A more robust ecosystem, that focuses on consumers and delivers a more seamless intelligent experience across all major user scenarios, is now taking shape.

Huawei’s cloud service development has been accelerating too. In Q3 the company announced its computing strategy and released Atlas 900, said to be the world’s fastest AI training cluster. Other innovative products launched included the Cloud Ascend AI cluster services, 112 new services powered by Kunpeng and Ascend processors, and Industrial Intelligent Twins. According to the company, these products achieved major breakthroughs in government, Internet service provider (ISP), automotive, finance, and many other industries.