Retravision Southern chief executive officer, Tim Cockayne has in an interview with discussed the numerous efforts Retravision have taken in providing relief for the countless victims of the recent bushfires in Victoria.

Cockayne reassured consumers that none of their stores have been directly affected by the fires, but insisted that they are providing much needed support for all in need.

Cockayne commented that Retravision is in the process of organizing a “very substantial” financial contribution in aid of the Victorian bushfire victims, but has also expressed how Retravision has contributed in countless ways to actually help the victims first hand.

“We have been inundated with phone calls asking for the support of Retravision, and we have been helping in every way we can,” he said.

Cockayne mentioned that many of Retravisions local members have been contributing immensely to the appeal, by running fundraising efforts such as raffles and collections.

In addition to this, Retravision have been donating electrical goods, such as TVs and laptops to the command centeres in effected areas, and Cockayne commented “we even donated a 52 inch Samsung television to the Whittlesea area, where a large proportion of the affected victims have congregated”.

Undoubtedly Retravision Southern have been demonstrating tireless efforts towards rebuilding victims’ lives and Cockayne emphasised that “where ever we can, we will provide help for these victims”.