Steve Neil, proprietor of Eastwood Hi-Fi, has launched a new website dedicated to one of the most popular types of audio product: the soundbar.

Throughout 2013, a diverse range of brands, from the high-end Klipsch to the entry-level Blaupunkt and the niche Sonos have made plays at this market. Neil has decided to get onto the front foot, promoting the category and informing customers of what’s out there in soundbar land.

“Soundbars are the fastest growing product in the A/V sector,” Neil said. “There are very few, if any, specialists in soundbars so we created a division dedicated to soundbar technology and application.

“We’ve tested and researched various brands and are stocking the best value-for-money units we can find.”

Neil said there was a real lack of knowledge regarding soundbars and that the major retailers “have little idea of the best solution for any particular individual”.

Having set himself up as a purveyor of wisdom on this topic, we were interested to find out which brand he thought was the best:

“After spending some time with the products, I’ve come to realise how far ahead of the pack Yamaha is in terms of true ‘surround’ technology when using a Soundbar — bloody amazing actually,” he said. “Having said that, there are some awesome deals to be had from other suppliers — we’re seeking them out.”

Neil’s soundbar website is located at

Featured image: Philips soundbar.