By James Wells

MELBOURNE: Pebble Electronics, the Australian distributor of Conia, Konka and Hicon products has today announced it will commence selling Hyundai branded consumer electronics in November and enter the whitegoods category in 2007.

Pebble has taken the distribution rights to Hyundai away from Yale Electronics who recently merged with Prima Australasia.

“Previous notification of other companies distributing the Hyundai products is, in fact, incorrect as we have an exclusive distribution policy in place with Hyundai Korea for the Australian market," Pebble Electronics general manager, Nick Fry, told

"Hyundai is a huge global company and an enormously recognisable brand,” Fry said.

“Hyundai Australia sells in excess of 30,000 cars per annum, so the consumer trusts the brand and the product. Our goal is to manifest that trust across to consumer electronics. We are very proud to have been appointed as the Australian distributors of Hyundai consumer electronics products, after some very fruitful and informative recent meetings with their key Korean personnel and our senior management," Fry said.

Pebble will introduce a range of Korean-made products to the Australian market which the company claims will target “high end” technology including integrated digital LCD televisions in 32-inch and 40-inch screen sizes as well as integrated 42-inch and 50-inch plasma televisions.

"The point of different offered by the Hyundai product range will be the extra features within the products such as incorporating HDMI, integrated digital tuners and high definition panels as well as stunning cosmetics, setting them apart in the market.

“We will use our product sourcing expertise and industry knowledge to develop an exciting range of quality products with a family look, designed to quickly establish the Hyundai brand as a market leader, offering our retail trading partners great sales and profit opportunities.

“As we build the brand, you will see us expand into whitegoods and we have already earmarked three large fridges to lead the Hyundai foray into the kitchen, with 450 litre, 520 litre and 610 litre side-by-side fridges already planned for release in early 2007.

Fry said he does not believe there is an issue with the company’s multi-brand strategy.

"The acquisition of the Hyundai distribution further strengthens Pebble Electronics dominant position in the Australian market, and marries perfectly with our brand strategies, with the established brands of Hicon, Conia and Konka now further complemented by such a renowned and respected brand like Hyundai.

"This allows us to differentiate between our customers and be flexible to their needs and requirements. We have a very clear brand strategy with our key customers and they support the flexibility and autonomy multi-branding provides as we work together to develop product ranges and promotional activity."