Fujitsu General is releasing its Lifestyle Next range of wall mounted split system air conditioning units with anywAiR technology Wi-Fi adaptor II, enhancing energy efficiency and convenience.

Fujitsu General Australia head of product Australia and New Zealand, Kyle Rafter said, “Fujitsu’s Lifestyle Next range seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with a sleek and modern design. The anywAiR technology Wi-Fi adaptor II represents our dedication to offering retailers intelligent, energy-efficient solutions that cater to the evolving needs of homeowners. Its capabilities, combined with the robust features of the Lifestyle Next range, position Fujitsu as a leader in smart home climate control.”

The anywAiR technology Wi-Fi adaptor II, which comes standard with every purchase, allows households to control climate from anywhere using the myanywAiR Next app. It’s also voice-assistant compatible and offers features such as geofencing and climate react.

With climate react, homeowners can set rules to activate the air conditioner based on room temperatures. Climate react can also work with geofencing, where users can set the air conditioner to turn on or off based on their proximity to the home.

“We’ve integrated artificial intelligence to analyse air conditioning usage data, assisting homeowners in maintaining their units by sending timely filter cleaning reminders,” Rafter said.

All seven models use the R32 refrigerant which, compared to the commonly used R410A refrigerant, has a 67% lower ‘Global Warning Potential Factor’ while still maintaining the performance of the air conditioner.

The Lifestyle Next range which ranks among the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems Fujitsu has designed. The human sensor control is an intelligent feature which detects room occupancy, adjusting operations to conserve energy when rooms are vacant.

Additional features include the Apple-Catechin filter, which assists in maintaining indoor air quality by absorbing and inhibiting harmful microorganisms. The Lifestyle Next range has also expanded the maximum guaranteed operating temperature range for cooling from 46 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, on selected models catering to hotter climates.

The Lifestyle Next range is backed by a five-year warranty and online customer support.