By Patrick Avenell in Singapore

SENTOSA ISLAND, SINGAPORE: Over 2,000 Sanyo solar panels are currently providing renewable and energy efficient power to the Sentosa Island collective of tourist attractions, including the island state’s first Universal Studios theme park.

In addition, Sanyo’s new parent company, Panasonic, has supplied the island’s monolithic “integrated resort” with hundreds of LED LCD and plasma display products.

A little over two years ago, Sentosa Island was dense forest, with only Fort Siloso, an integral British World War II base, occupying tourist attraction status on the island.

In order to attract business and holiday travellers, Sentosa has been transformed in a monsoon of construction and infrastructure into a hub of 5-star resorts, theme parks, casinos and adventure sites.

Significantly, Fort Siloso, scene of Singapore’s tragic surrender to the Japanese Imperial Army, and of its subsequent surrender back to the Allied Forces, remains a touchstone of Singapore’s importance during the Pacific Theatre of conflict during World War II.

Later today, Sanyo will hold its 2010 Asia Pacific conference, with new products to be displayed across a number of retail and commercial categories.

In addition to solar panels, Sanyo is expected to reveal new TVs, digital radios, digital cameras and camcorders, and the company’s groundbreaking new electric bike.

Sanyo managing director Bill Crichton told that the company should be ready to introduce its first range of 3D TVs either by the end of 2010 or in early 2011.


A Panasonic panel used at the entrance to the Resorts World Singapore. Unlike it would be in Australia, Panasonic is clearly marked as the commercial supplier.


The roof of Universal Studios Sentosa is fitted with over 2,000 solar panels, which provide power for attractions on the island.


This is Merlion, a symbol of Singapore's joint history as a marine centre and as the 'Lion of Asia'. The word 'Singapore' literally means 'Lion City' in Sanskrit.

Some of the costs associated with Patrick Avenell attending this conference were paid for by Sanyo.