By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Philips Australia is keen to keep TV recycling firmly on the agenda and will meet with NSW minister for climate change and the environment, Verity Firth, tomorrow and the senior adviser to federal environment minister, Peter Garrett, next week.

With federal budgets making headlines, Philips is keen to keep the focus of ministers on the recycling aims of Product Stewardship Australia Limited (PSA).

Philips is an active member of Product Stewardship Australia Limited (PSA), which is a non-profit coalition of consumer electronics companies that aims to develop and implement sound practices for disposing of and recycling electronic goods.

“The Product Stewardship Australia organisation has been working tirelessly for the past few years to establish a joint ‘Industry-Government’ approach to television recycling in Australia,” said Philips Electronics Australia manager, corporate communications and sustainability, Sarah Campbell.

“Philips believes a joint approach supported by the Federal Government is the only way to ensure this initiative is sustainable and addresses the urgent need to find a solution for eWaste in Australia.”

The PSA is urging the federal government to legislate and ensure that all TV suppliers are involved in a proposed TV recycling scheme.

“Philips is proud of its heritage in environmental achievements and as a longtime member of PSA, we believe there is simply no other solution than to continue pressuring government to play their part,” added Campbell.

“This is why we are actively participating in meetings with both state and federal governments this month.”

The current PSA board is comprised of representatives from NEC Australia, Panasonic Australia, Philips Electronics Australia, Sharp Corporation of Australia and Sony Australia.