By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: At the SUNA launch today, both Intelematics chief executive officer Adam Game and NSW Minister for Roads, Hon. Eric Roozendaal, were keen to stress that this new service was not a “magic bullet” for traffic congestion.

Speaking at the event, Game said the SUNA service was good for the community as it will improve the quality of road networks, help the road network and generate efficiency. Mr Roozendaal was echoed the benefits of the SUNA service, but also reported that the NSW Government is promoting public transport, establishing a mobility forum in September 2008 and investing $100 million on traffic hotspots in the city. This government focus and expenditure clearly shows that the SUNA service is a contributing factor to the solution, rather than the solution itself.

When asked whether the Government’s expenditure on traffic and the promotion of public transport would lessen the impact and take up of SUNA, Game said, “No, I think the reality of this is that there are no silver bullets.

Game continued to say, “We’re not concerned with congestion running out.”

In a related matter, Mr Roozendaal also commented on the red light camera and speed camera warnings that are now standard on GPS systems, and on SUNA. When asked whether he was worried that these devices would enable motorists to know where they could speed and run red lights, Mr Roozendahl said, “We have a strict policy of overt cameras, all signposted; I want people to slow down and be more aware.”