Electrolux has launched the new UltimateHome 900 Handstick Vacuum as part of a sustainability-focused line-up being released in the coming year, designed to help make homes healthier. The range demonstrates the company’s purpose to shape better and more sustainable living around the world, inspiring people to create better habits when it comes to caring for the home.

There is a strong correlation between mental health and cleanliness with a tidy home promoting a clearer headspace. According to a 2018 study*, an extra hour of cleaning every week can increase happiness by around 53%.

“Stay at home conditions have stimulated demand for wellbeing appliances globally and consumers now desire a healthier and more comfortable home, according to Electrolux marketing director, Christina Kumcevski.

“As we constantly improve our product offerings driven by the way consumers live today, our new UltimateHome 900 Handstick Vacuum Cleaner delivers powerful performance and multi-purpose efficient features to enable wellbeing, maintain a healthy home and protect the environment,” she said.

“We believe that everyone deserves to come home to a place where they can thrive because life lived in a healthy and comfortable home environment significantly improves quality of life. However, greater attention to wellbeing in the home should not come at the cost of the wellbeing of the planet.”

Air quality and cleanliness are the most important factors for wellbeing at home for consumers**. Depending on ventilation flow and floor hygiene^, airborne pollutants indoor can be five times more concentrated for indoor spaces. The new UltimateHome products is equipped with technology that is stronger, cleaner, and more flexible in protecting against germs, dust, and bacteria.

Key features include five times suction power^^ for thorough cleaning results on every surface, a new handheld design for fast and easy access, a range of sizes and types of add-on nozzles, up to 120 minutes of runtime, advanced filtration with five-step filtration removing up to 99.99% of micro dust particles from indoor air, and a durable high-speed motor that is longer lasting.  

“Australia is a high potential market for Electrolux. Consumers have been adopting a more sustainable lifestyle by choosing environmentally friendly products due to health and wellbeing concerns. By putting our effort, as a company, on improving sustainable experiences, we emphasise our leadership in supporting consumers in maintaining healthier homes and making sustainable choices of living,” Kumcevski said.


**Based on Electrolux’s Better Living Report 2020


^^Based on internal tests for suction power on hand unit according to IEC 62885-2, compared with Well Q6 series