Editor’s Picks — Best Digital Products of 2014


LG 65-inch 4K Ultra HD OLED (EC970T, RRP $9,999)

The first TV to be released in Australia combining the three hot new panel technologies: Ultra HD, OLED and Curved. This is the ultimate in home entertainment.

LG Elevation: The Smart functionality on this TV is powered by WebOS, the most user-friendly system on the market.

From ‘Game changers’: LG broadens television range, combining Ultra HD, OLED and curved screens:

“LG is taking this premium technology and opening it up to the average Australian,” said LG marketing manager Lambro Skropidis. “LG’s improved manufacturing efficiencies now allow us to sell OLED TVs — previously considered a ‘future’ technology — today. Not only is the price-point lower than a year ago, making it more affordable, I can tell you that LG’s OLED TVs have picture quality and design benefits that simply elevate the home entertainment experience to whole new levels.”