By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The sign on the awning says it all: “Office for Lease”. It rests atop the Drummoyne home of Vivo International, the Australian-owned and operated supplier of TVs. After five years building his TV business from the ground up, CEO Fabio Grassia and his 9-strong team have outgrown their current premises and are moving to a brand new site.

The For Lease sign says the current property is 200 metres squared: great for a retail shop front or a small professional firm. As an indicator of how far Vivo has come in its short life, the new site in Chiswick, just around the corner, is 2,100 square metres.

Grassia said the new inner city site, which Vivo now owns, will still be central enough to cater for visiting clients and for shipping, but it will offer a lot more amenities. Administration, sales, warehousing and service can now be operated from under the one roof, meaning procedures can be streamlined and costs can be cut.

There’s going to be a full showroom at this location, giving retailers the chance to examine the product ranges and different display options when visiting. This area can also be used to host functions and to entertain clients.

This move is expected to be completed in around six weeks.