digiDirect has launched the digiMarket Marketplace to deliver greater product choice for customers.

Featuring an additional 2,500 products, the digiDirect Marketplace adds depth to categories including consumer electronics, home appliances, digital wellness, digital baby and kids care, pet tech, office tech, as well as photo, video, computers, mobile, gaming and streaming.

The digiDirect Marketplace is powered by the Marketplacer platform, the Adobe Commerce/Marketplacer connector. This integration streamlines the incorporation of third-party seller inventory into its existing e-commerce platform, significantly reducing complexity and time-to-market.

Marketplacer CEO, Jason Wyatt said, “We are thrilled to join forces with digiDirect, embarking on a journey to elevate their business by offering an ever-expanding spectrum of products. Together, we aim to make digiDirect the go-to destination for electronic, tech, and digital shopping experiences.”

digiDirect general manager, Haig Kayserian said, “The launch of our online Marketplace marks a milestone in digiDirect’s journey, enhancing depth across current categories by thousands of products while staying rooted in our consumer electronics focus.

“This expansion complements our existing online and bricks-and-mortar strategy across Australia, creating greater choice with an experience that is carefully curated to prioritise quality and convenience at every click.”