By Patrick Avenell

Pioneer Australia has launched a new microsite to help consumers and retailers understand the intricacies of AV receivers. It’s a product that receives very little attention in the general press, and the consumer base is narrow – mostly enthusiasts – but with a new initiative to promulgate the benefits of this technology, Pioneer and retailers may see a boost in interest.

Local media manager Michael Broadhurst reported that the development of this microsite is part of a global direction instigated by the Pioneer corporation to “empower both consumers and retailers with an educational resource when it comes to learning more about AV receiver technology in general”.

In order to get potential consumers, or even everyday internet surfers, to visit the site, Pioneer has engaged Google to promote and advertise the information portal. Visitors can then choose between a range of audio and visual presentations on the home entertainment technology category.

“Sub $1,000 AV receivers today are multi-talented, equipped with the technology to not only work hand-in-hand with a Blu-ray Disc/DVD player, but also connect to an iPod or iPhone, gaming console, as well as deliver multi-room and multi-sourceentertainment and offer HDMI connectivity,” said Pioneer Australia marketing communications manager Jo Bottero.

“For many consumers, terms such as ‘HD audio decoding’, ‘HDMI connectivity’ and ‘Auto Calibration’, mean very little.

“The new Pioneer AV receiver microsite aims to interpret these product features with consumer-friendly language, so that consumers can not only appreciate what AV receivers are capable of, but also choose a model to suit their needs.”

Visit the Pioneer AV receiver website by clicking here.