Cricut has teamed up with The Wiggles, reflecting a shared love of self-expression and creativity.

The partnership will come alive through Yellow Wiggle, Emma and a raft of initiatives that include enabling Australians to make their own Wiggles creations on their Cricut machines. A range of Wiggles-themed creation designs will be made available on Cricut Design Space app, including Emma’s signature yellow bow, her costume and more.

Emma Watkins is a passionate crafter, personally having a hand in the design of the props used in her self-titled Emma series. She will bring the new relationship with Cricut to life by re-creating a range of items for the next Emma series due to air shortly.

“The Wiggles are excited to be working with the team at Cricut. We love creating and have seen first-hand the amazing things you can do with its smart cutting machines. I am looking forward to joining the Cricut community of creators, who share the same vision as The Wiggles by inspiring, educating and promoting positive self-expression,” Watkins said.

“I am already using Cricut regularly for upcoming shows and scenes, and working with the team to ensure some fun, easy to make Wiggles creations are added to Cricut Design Space.”

Cricut regional director for Australia and New Zealand, Nicola Dow-Smith said it was clear when speaking to Emma and The Wiggles that there was so much in common.

“We are delighted to take this positive energy and share it with the growing Cricut community in Australia and globally,” she said.

“Whether it be creativity through music or crafting, Australians are turning to hobbies that fulfil their need for self-expression, as well as their yearning to create and share with their family and friends.”

Cricut and The Wiggles will work on a range of promotions, social media integrations and appearances to reinforce the partnership.