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For big sales opportunities.

With Click Frenzy kicking off later today and Black Friday on November 29, new insights into the sales momentum generated in 2018 might give Australian business the incentive to invest in peak online events like these.

Commerce marketing firm Criteo analysed new data on 32 million Click Frenzy 2018 transactions across desktop, smartphone, tablets and apps from 128 major Australian retailers. It revealed:

  • Online sales increased 144%
  • Online traffic increased 59%
  • Conversion rates surged during Click Frenzy and the day after at 53% and 62%
  • Sales increases by shopping category were: Sporting goods (290%), Fashion (194%) and Health & Beauty (106%)
  • On the first night of Click Frenzy, both mobile and desktop sales surged significantly with an increase of 329% in mobile sales and 283% in desktop sales.

Criteo also identified these trends during Black Friday 2018 through the analysis of over 19 million retail shopping transactions also across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and apps from 177 major Australian retailers. It found:

  • Online sales increased 210%
  • Online traffic increased 90%
  • The Sunday of Black Friday weekend also saw a significant spike in sales (129%) and traffic (54%)
  • A rise in conversion rates of 63%
  • During Black Friday weekend, above average share of mobile sales reached a peak of 50%.