Organisers of IFA 2015 said the Berlin show has confirmed its position as the world´s leading trade show for consumer Electronics and Home Appliances with 1,645 exhibitors and rented floor space totaling 150,000 square metres. Simon King reports from Berlin.

Dr. Christian Göke, chief executive of Messe Berlin, said, “Never before have so many exhibitors been welcomed by IFA on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.


“The records point to continuing advances over IFA 2014, when orders amounted to 4.25 billion Euros – making IFA the leading platform for industry and retailers at the beginning of the peak annual sales period in the run-up to Christmas. No other event brings together so many retailers, buyers, trade visitors and media representatives at such an ideal time of year.”

GfK said the global consumer electronics market has expanded by 14%, based on Euros. With the rate of exchange between Euro and US Dollars, market development is stable, keeping pace with last year’s figures.

With the exception of central and eastern Europe, developments in every region around the world have been positive. In the home appliances sector, 2015 will also see a positive trend with growth reaching four per cent for major domestic appliances and six per cent for small domestic appliances.

Dr Göke added: “IFA is the industry’s global indicator, reflecting trends, the state of the economy and market developments. New products drive the markets.

“Our mission is to be the most significant and effective platform for the industry and retail in order to reach the consumer.”